What is Genius Design Lab?

Genius Design Lab (GDL) is an afterschool/weekend workshop and summer program designed to teach children graphic design, 3D design and printing, video game design and programming, VR and AR programming, and other news technologies they are not learning at school. Our courses will increase your child’s creativity and computer skills as well as their self-confidence.


What ages do you teach?

During the school year, the class age is 8­—16 years old. For summer courses, it’s 10–16. We customize all courses and curriculum around age and the learning difficulty level of each subject.


What if my child has no experience in any of these subjects?

Everyone had to start somewhere right? That’s the reason they are here! Don’t worry! We have beginner classes for all ages in all our courses. They will learn how to fly before they spread their wings.


What if my child has some previous experience?

Some of our higher-level courses do have prerequisites. Our counselor can give your child advice on which course level to take. Your child won’t be bored learning stuff they already know.


How large are your classes?

A typical class holds up to eight children in any given session. Our minimum class size is five students.


What is your student to instructor ratio?

All our classes are based on an 8:1 student to instructors ratio. An assistant instructor will be added if a class is over eight students to provide extra help and be sure every student gets the attention they need and deserve.


Who will be teaching my child?

All of our members and instructors are friendly, creative, tech-savvy individuals who love design. They are recruited from top universities around the nation. All members and instructors will have undergone background checks before joining our team.


What does your course fee cover?

Our course fee covers the entire course, staff, hardware use, software use and all supplies needs to create the projects.


What type of equipment do you work with?

All our hardware, from PCs to VR headsets to 3D printers, is less than three-years old;  all software is continually updated to their most recent versions.


What is the class length?

All our classes are 120-minutes long (except special program and summer courses).


What is your make-up class policy?

We DO NOT offer make-up classes. However, an assistant instructor will work with the student to help them catch up.


What if my child cannot take a full course?

We recommend a student miss no more than two classes during a course.


Can my child continue taking classes throughout the year?

Yes! We design our curriculum so that students can continue to build on skills they’ve learned. Each new season or course comes with a variety of brand new projects that teach a different set of skills; we never repeat projects.


Do you offer private courses?

Yes, we do offer private courses. Please contact our counselor directly if you would like to set up a private course.


How do I register for class?

You can register for any class online or call us at 888-378-3822. You may also drop by and check us out.


What is your office hours?

Regular Business Hours, Monday to Friday 9 a.m.–6:30 p.m. / Sat & Sun close


What is your refund policy?

Most classes and courses are 100% refundable 15 days prior to the date of class start.


Do you take any deposit?

Regular classes, courses or workshops are based on availability and do require a $200 deposit per student per class, course, or workshop due at enrollment checkout. Balance must pay in full before class starts.


What type of payment do you accept?

All major credits cards, Paypal, cash and check. Sorry no bitcoin.


Do you host birthday parties?

Sorry! We do not host birthday parties.


Do you offer Lego Mindstorm?

Sorry, we do not offer Lego Mindstorm. All our courses are custom-designed directly by our teams. The best place to get Lego is from Amazon or Toys R Us.


Food allergies question

All students are required to fill out a waiver and medical condition form prior to attending class; if your child has food allergies or a serious medical condition please make us aware of it. At our lab we are peanut-free but however, we can’t control other students who may bring in peanut or tree nuts products. This will be beyond our control, but we can ensure your child eats at a peanut-free table.


Do you have open house?

Yes, we do host an open house. However, the schedule is not set and the seats are limited. Please check our calendar for details or sign up for our e-newsletter to receive course schedule updates and events notices. Please click here to sign up for the e-newsletter


Contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-378-3822 or drop us a line: info@geniusdesignlab.com. You can expect a reply within 48 hours.

You can also visit us at: 251-30 Northern Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Little Neck, NY 11362

Regular Business Hours, Monday to Friday 9 a.m.–6:30 p.m. / Sat & Sun close